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Dr. Mark E. Johnson is an Aesthetic Fellow of the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Johnson ONLY performs Lipo Sculpture, which is body contouring by both removing fat from unwanted places and adding fat to places you want more!

He is nationally reknown as one of the premier liposuction and fat-transfer surgeons in the U.S.

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Liposuction for Women

Liposuction for Men

“Jump Start” Large Volume Liposuction

Neck Liposuction

Arm Liposuction

Thigh Liposuction

Brazilian Butt Lift

Natural Breast Augmentation

Stem Cell-Augmented Fat Transfer Face Lift

Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer


What is Liposuction?black bikini on sandy beach

Liposuction at its best is about targeting areas of genetic disproportion and balancing a body. It is about focusing on stubborn areas of fat that are not responsive to diet and exercise. Currently, liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery in the U.S. It is unfortunate that it also has a high revision rate, nearly 25% nationwide. Getting a consistently good result is much more difficult that both patients, and sadly, a large number of physicians realize. It is very important not only to have a skilled, highly trained physician performing the procedure, the physician must also have an excellent eye for aesthetics to determine where the disproportion or area “out of balance” is located. Removing fat from the wrong place will cause further unbalance, which is why one might hear that “the fat went to other places on my body”.


near nude breastsHow is Lipo Sculpture performed?

Liposuction can be performed either under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia, which is called the “tumescent technique”. In the tumescent technique, the areas where fat will be removed are filled with large volumes of a special solution before the lipo procedure. This solution completely numbs the area and constricts the blood vessels, reducing bleeding to negligible amounts. Fatty deposits are then removed using small strawlike tubes called “cannulas” connected to suction or a large syringe. I use Tickle Lipo™ and PureLipo™ Body Sculpture techniques when performing liposuction. PureLipo™ Body Sculpture is a syringe liposuction technique and is based on the work of masters like Gasparotti and Fournier. This is the ONLY liposuction technique that can be used on patients who are overweight, and many overweight diabetic and hypertensive patients are able to discontinue or decrease their medications following this procedure.

I strongly believe that local anesthesia, the tumescent technique, is the gold standard for liposuction. First, it avoids the risks associated with general anesthesia, ranging from excessive bruising, damage to muscles, to life-threatening complications like pulmonary emboli (blood clot in the lungs). Second, the recovery time is less, with less post-operative discomfort, using tumescent technique. Lastly, and important to consistently providing outstanding results, it allows optimal positioning of the patient for the area being worked on.


Why is it Lipo Sculpture and not just Liposuction?Sexy woman body in white lingerie

Body sculpting uses the tumescent technique for precisely the reasons described above. In this technique, we also use very low pressure during liposuction. This avoids the pitfalls of high vacuum pressures which lead to contour irregularities and can lead to skin necrosis. Fat is actually surrounded by a complicated connective tissue matrix, and it is not simply “sucked out” from the body. It is also found in many layers from deep to superficial, and balancing the amount taken from each layer and taking into account the skin tone and texture are very important. That is the reason I prefer the term “Lipo Sculpture” to the term “liposuction”.

Understanding these principles is the essence of Lipo Sculpture, which allows the physician to artistically “sculpt” the body. The extended training that I initially received in Tickle Lipo™ and PureLipo™ Body Sculpture and my many years of experience produce consistently excellent results. Because of this, I am able to avoid the mistakes less trained physicians might make, including poor technique, being either too aggressive or too conservative, uneven contours (especially poor blending at transition areas), and aesthetically unappealing incision points. More importantly, I help restore the balance to the body and the proportions that are optimal for the patient (which can vary widely). I very much view this as art, and approach each person as being a unique canvass. I imagine bringing out the beauty that nature or genetics has temporarily hidden.


sexy legsIs there anything else special about Lipo Sculpture?

Lipo Sculpture, because of its low pressure, causes minimal damage to the fat cells harvested. This allows us to utilize this fat for transfer with an excellent viability (survivability), and also allows us to harvest stem cells from the fat. This means that we can provide superior results for Brazilian Butt Lifts (fat transfer to the buttocks), Natural breast augmentation (stem cell augmented fat transfer to the breasts), and a new paradigm in facelifts, utilizing stem cell augmented fat transfer to the face to restore the volume that has been lost. This is known as a stem cell augmented fat transfer facelift.

What areas can Lipo Sculpture be performed on?

Multiple areas can be treated during the same session, all with precision and artistry, including:

Abdominal (Tummy) Liposuction: Whether you are 300 pounds or 130 pounds, Lipo Sculpture will improve your physique with unparalled skin tightening! Before you consider having a “Tummy Tuck” or Abdominoplasty, with the long recovery time, the large expense and the even larger scarring, come in for a free consultation to see if Lipo Sculpture can work for you instead.

Arm Liposuction: Start wearing those sleeveless dresses and tank tops again! Upper arms can safely and effectively have fat removed with expectation of good to excellent skin tightening, eliminating the need for arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty). Recently I have begun using Venus Freeze treatments post-operatively and have achieved superlative results!

Back Liposuction: All areas of your back can be worked with exceptional results, including lower back, upper and lower bra fat deposits, and anterior braline fat. We can combine liposuction of the back and arms to give seemless transitions. I also sculpt the lateral aspect of the breast during these procedures to give a youthful, sexy appearance to the side of the breast.

Leg (Thigh) Liposuction: The thigh can be one of the most difficult areas to perform liposculpture, since it contains several different areas of fat and skin contractility. While technically challenging, I can help restore youthful, flowing lines to your thighs that provide an elegant symmetry with the upper parts of the body.

Neck Liposuction: Get rid of that Turkey neck and get wonderful skin tightening! Using Tickle Lipo with Venus Freeze treatments post-operatively gives beautiful results with a shorter recovery time.

Liposuction for Men: Men, not only will we get rid of the fat rolls on your lower abdomen and flanks, we can expertly enhance the abdominal musculature to show off that 6-pack, and sculpt the chest area to show off defined pecs that you have worked so hard for at the gym!

Gynecomastia Treatment (Male Breast Reduction): Embarrassing breast development or fullness in males can be expertly removed with results that will make you feel proud to take your shirt off again!

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